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CakeMix Doctor

Remember the 'from scratch' cakes that your grandmother used to bake? Now that the public has lost the desire to 'sift and measure,' cake mixes have taken over the market; over 60 percent of American households use cake mixes. However, most of us recognize the box products as exactly what they are, mixes. Let Anne Byrn, The CakeMix Doctor, help you jazz up those box cakes – from Banana Cake to Chocolate Kahlua Cake to Ricotta Cheesecake, you're certain to find just the cake to tempt your taste buds. The site also features an 'Ask Anne' section should you have individual questions as well as a Community Board that allows visitors to chat with other 'boxers.' Now that Anne is on the scene, cake bakers can 'come out of the pantry' and have more time to produce other culinary delights.

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