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Thankful... or Not... Thursday

Today is starting off rough here in the Litz house. Car won't start... too cold. My car door doesn't open from the inside so I was stuck -- literally -- in my freezing car for 15 minutes struggling and trying to climb over the seat to get out the passenger door. Not a pretty sight. All out of breath and really upset. Why is this bothering me so much?

I go into the house to cancel my morning appointments... not a good thing and there will be repercussions later. I tell the kids they are not going to school... and I'll pay dearly for that later since I added more stress onto myself by letting them stay home. There was no way I was walking them to school.

As I am going through the day's calendar and appts. I see I have a house inspection today and the house is trashed. I still have some Chrsitmas trees up, all in various stages of undress, the floors are dirty due to all the rain and snow we've had. My fibromyalgia does't want to cooperate with me so I can get these simple household chores done. Ugh!

So, instead, of cleaning and doing chores, I sit here at the computer whining to all of you.

Today is Thankful Thursday, and after the first hour being totally shot, I am struggling to come up with a list...

Today, I am thankful for...
1. The warmth of my home.
2. That my children love me even when I am crying.
3. My Chihuhua, Champ.

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