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Eat, Drink, and Be Creative!

Did you know that the word "creativity" has the word "eat" in it? See... crEATivity. It also has the word "vity" in it, Latin for vitamin, which indicates there is something intrinsically nourishing in the act creative expression. Okay, you got me -- I made that second part up (and know zilch about Latin), but it sounds good doesn't it? And it makes the perfect segue for me to serve up a new foodishly-fun feature.

Juicy Journals & Wild Words is a new bi-monthly feature by muse-spirational artist and writer Molly Anderson-Childers that will treat you to new articles, resources, and project ideas specific to creating your own personal juicy journals.

Molly says, "We’ll create journals of every stripe, size, shape and color. I have some exquisite projects in store for you — a dream journal, a writer’s notebook, tiny travel-sized journals that fit in your pocket, journals to give away and journals just for you. I have so many ideas, and I’m so excited to share these projects and inspirations with you."

Molly's Juicy Journals & Wild Words will also incorporate an opportunity for you to interact with her and share your ideas and projects on a blog she's set up to accompany this fun feature. So even if you're already into journaling or are ready to begin a new journey in this versatile medium of creative expression, get set for some juicy inspirations!

You can check it out at or at

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